Integration of hearing - impaired people into the labor market



Partners of the agreement are Development Partnerships AMBISYS (Belgium) and „Integration of Hearing Impaired Persons into Labour Market”. Both DP’s aim to open up company-related information to jobseekers in order to raise their empowerment and at the same time enable employers to develop a showcase for their HRM- and diversity policies. Although goal of both projects is to realize a larger employability of people belonging to vulnerable groups by promoting the organization of a labour market based on competencies (eliminating biases and stereotypes.

 The common products

 Complementary research on the information needs of jobseekers and employers

Both DPs perform research on the information needs of employers and jobseekers. They inform each other about the set up of the research and the final and intermediate outputs. The outputs of the research are compared during a workshop. The outcome of this workshop will be one weighted list of information items needed by jobseekers to be able to find the appropriate job efficiently.

 Both DPs are seeking to develop and activate a database of companies for jobseekers and their placement counsellors. The DPs want to exchange relevant tools and experience regarding template/design of database of companies. Representative of Lithuanian DP will have study tour to Belgium about the technical aspects of creating databases.

 Strategies to convince employers to provide information to jobseekers

The DPs want to exchange experience regarding work with employers and to create a common product – a manual on how to convince and motivate companies to provide information about their HRM-policies.


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