Integration of hearing - impaired people into the labor market



Common interest of the DP’s involved in TCA is improvement possibilities of employability, self employment, job retention and re-integration of disabled people into labour market.

Partners are committed to policy of active promotion of disabled people and will address:
  • Changing the attitude of employers and civil servants;
  • Skill-assess’, ‘Up-skill’ and ‘Re-skill’ the disabled people;
  • ‘Flexible working arrangements and definition of ‘new’ jobs trades;
  • Analysis of systems, networking, existing methodologies, tools and experiences;
  • Work on the image of the disabled;
  • Sharing best practices and transferring methodologies and practices.
Aims of the Share partnership refer to the following five dimensions:
  • the improvement of the “image” of disabled people, both among disabled themselves and employers;
  • new methods; this other aim of the TP concerns the exchange of tools, methods and ideas for promoting the job insertion of disabled people; the transnational collaboration should provide to partners new ideas in order to improve the effectiveness of national projects when inserting disabled people in the work environment;
  • exchange of information; this dimension of the transnational collaboration is related to the continuous exchange of information that partners will go though all along the project; getting information on how other Member States deal with the subject of the project may help the reflections and the capacity of partners to propose innovative measure in their own countries;
  • self entrepreneurship; some of the Equal projects involved in the “Share” TP aims at enabling disabled people to start their own business as entrepreneurs;
  • personal involvement; the aims of the TP do not only refer to the quality and effectiveness of projects but also to the capacity of the project to stimulate and motivate the practitioners and officers who will actually work.
Results of transnational partnership are foreseen as following:
  • Pilot research for evaluation of „social capital“ Concept of “social capital” reveals new attitude towards disability by making focus on social networks, contacts and relationship among community and society members while integrating people with disabilities.
  • Means of dissemination Common leaflet with presentation of national projects of each partner.
  • Recommendation to policy-makers on disability issues Recommendations both on national and international level according to the transnational partnership activities will be prepared.
  • Share of EQUAL projects methods and devices Partners will share their devices and methods created and tested during the project.
  • Social advertising video As common product it is foreseen to create common video clip for positive attitudes of employers, policy makers, and general society members towards disabled persons in labour situation.


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