Integration of hearing - impaired people into the labor market



Vilnius Rehabilitation Centre of Vocational Training for Deaf and Hard Hearing coordinates overall project activities; VKPRMC is responsible for establishment of Vocational Consultation and Employment service for hearing impaired people and co-ordinates the activities of this Service.

The Institute of Labour and Social Research makes research on situation of deaf employment and attitudes of employers at the beginning and the end of project.

Vilnius Labour Exchange collects information about free workplaces.

Lithuanian Association of the Deaf is responsible for motivation of the participants, organization of trainings for hearing-impaired persons.

SALO Baltic International Ltd co-ordinate international project activities; create an audiovisual database of hearing-impaired persons; organize the trainings for job hunters.

Vilnius County Employees and Businessman Confederation is responsible for furnishing job seekers with information about potential employers, motivation of the employers.


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